Utilize the potential of community

The essence of understanding communities is the awareness that customers are people like us, with their individual needs, emotions and abilities.



We help our clients achieve their business goals by creating communities and engaging them according to rules used in games.



Do you want to enlighten your audience about the values of your brand? Do it in an entertaining way by engaging it with group activities.



Online communities have a huge potential of knowledge and skills. We can help them manage and utilise these for the benefit of your brand.

We will help you build positive relationships

In world of marketing overload and attention deficit, engagement is today the most effective way to gain the loyalty of existing customers and attract the attention of new ones.



In today’s fast-paced reality, customer attention is constantly distracted. We have the expertise and the ability to capture and retain it.



Different groups of customers require different factors to trigger engagement. We develop bespoke strategies that address that.



The key to success of any project is the engagement of its participants. We are experts in this area. And our clients can vouch for that.



Loyalty to the brand is based primarily on positive emotions. They are the foundation of all our projects.

We operate in three sectors

From the very beginning we have been operating within sectors in which the audiences have a natural tendency to form communities with different profiles.


Young Generation

Children and teenagers are the most demanding social group. We specialise in creating solutions for global brands aiming to engage new generations of customers.


Media & Entertainment

The media & entertainment industry is known for implementing innovative ideas. We have completed hundreds of projects for global brands in this area.


Business solutions

We recommend, design and deliver outstanding applications, presentations, content distribution and data collection systems for strategic benefits of our clients.

Strategy and design

Establishing clients’ unique needs is our starting point in developing solutions to their problems.



We create a digital media strategy for your brand including creative ideas and scenarios.



People prefer stories to cold facts. We strongly focus on creating visual space. We tell stories in which words and images are of equal importance. This results in emotionally engaging narratives.


UX Design

The way in which consumers come into contact with brands is key to create engagement. Our solutions are highly enjoyable and user-intuitive.

Creation and implementation

We plan, design and implement services, products and content.



Today, consumers spend their time in front of various channels, platform and devices. Developing social media, websites, applications, games, competitions, promotional materials and other elements, we create powerful ecosystems for effective brand communication.



We design applications, websites, games, tools and other solutions to create exemplary brand experiences for customers and their communities.


Content has a huge impact on how history is remembered. We create engaging content tailored to the medium and the context of reception.

Global brands

From the beginning we have been working for global brands. Our projects engage users in markets from Norway to South Africa.

Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA.


20 years of cooperation, hundreds of campaigns, millions of engaged users from Norway to South Africa and Middle east.
Over a dozen competitions for Disney’s websites’ users. Experience in building custom constructions with blocks was very useful.
Viewers of FOX and FOX Comedy channel love TV series and for them we have created contests in which they boast about how well they know them.
Dozens of competitions promoting toys of the most popular brands. Hundreds of hours of fun in coming up with new games and building their models.
Interactive iPad presentations for gathering feedback from doctors and pharmacists. Close Loop Marketing on Agnitio. For internal use.
Competitions and applications for Cyfrowy Polsat subscribers. New series, new channels, new challenges for fans of sport, science and good fun
Tracks for Hot Wheels, clothes for Barbie, Monster High dolls. We love to play with them and create competitions and applications for them.
Take a number from 1 to 5. Multiply it by 9. Add the digits of the result. Subtract 5. If you got 4, please contact us - we know how to link learning with fun 🙂
Long-term cooperation with TVN media house results in great ideas and projects primarily for children brands on Disney and Nick.
Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers and the X-Men kindle the fans’ imagination, and we help them take challenges in the competitions.
We learn ecology and how to making cleaning easier. And by the way we build communities for leading brands in the household industry:)


A proven team

We love to have fun at what we do. We love cycling, Lego blocks, strategy games, social media and service design.

Aleksander - client relations


Krzysztof - business and administration


Mariusz - strategy and design


Dorota - community manager


Kasia - office manager


Monika - projects coordination


Sebastian - creative head


Tomek - technology and integration



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